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You’ll ensure clients have amazing success on our platform. This means complete ownership of the customer experience at individual account level from understanding the objectives & needs of the client, to day-to-day management of cohorts and trainees from registration through course completion. You will track, analyze and understand their progress and work closely with our product team to optimize the client experience.

You are:

  • Highly organized & process-driven
  • Obsessed with getting detail right
  • Analytical, natural problem-solver 

You will acquire and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of our product and content and be able to manage client on-boarding and get involved in the nitty gritty of daily account management of trainee cohorts. You demonstrate strong initiative and are an excellent communicator who can represent us in client interactions at multiple levels.  

This role doesn’t involve engagement or marketing to drive new traffic. You will focus on ensuring the captive audience handed to you has a superior experience to ensure a recurring, long-term relationship.

Relevant Experiences:

  • Account manager in professional services or agency looking for a mission-driven opportunity
  • Product management executive seeking to gain direct client management and exposure
  • Online content & marketing communications manager keen to utilize skills in a new way
  • Online community development manager interested in delving deeper into analytics
  • E-learning enrollment/recruitment manager looking to breakout and expand responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • On-boarding clients at enterprise & individual level
  • Monitor, manage and own cohorts through the course, trouble-shooting as needed
  • Data management and reports/dashboard generation
  • Client interaction and management at multiple levels
  • Analyze user experience feedback to product teams to refine our offering

Must Have:

  • 3-5 years’ work experience
  • Exceptional organizational skills & attention to detail
  • Savvy with data – how to capture, organize, visualize, translate & present information meaningfully
  • Workplace software (Office/Excel, Salesforce, Jira Confluence)
  • Fluent English 

Please apply with a cover letter explaining why we should consider you & a resumé.