Senior Backend Engineer, Core Platform (Python/Django)

Hardskills is looking for a full-time, talented Senior Software Engineer to build-out our backend from the ground up using Django. There is no technical debt, and you will be responsible for a core part of our next-generation SaaS platform, transforming how workforce development is done at scale. You will work closely with our founder CTO, the product team, and the tech team to build our product from the ground up and take our platform to the next level.

Hardskills help enterprises train their workforces in the hard-to-teach behaviours, skills, and mindsets needed for the new World of Work. We do this through a proven solution that’s increasing workforce behavioural skills by over 60%. Our 100% digital solution is loved by learners who give us a Net Promoter Score of +74, compared to an average of –25 for existing corporate learning.

You are:

  • A backend engineer with 5-7 years of experience with serious Python/Django & database chops
  • Strong at software architecture and design; An excellent hands-on coder who can write clean, efficient, reliable code using proven, reliable components, and design patterns  
  • Able to take advantage of IaaS and PaaS cloud components to build a highly available and scalable backend stack  
  • Experienced in caching and securing data at appropriate layers for scalable, performant, and secure APIs  
  • A big believer in automating repetitive tasks and experienced in TDD, CI/CD, and A/B testing

Responsibilities include:

  • Design & architect a new core product platform backend consisting of the database, REST APIs, and other backend components - you have a clean slate to work with
  • Rapid prototyping, vetting & iteration of options  
  • Ensure right tooling for CI/CD, A/B testing, etc. for efficiency & rapid iteration  
  • Perform code reviews and enforce best practices to ensure code quality with an eye for performance, security, and maintainability
  • Test, track, and monitor usage & features
  • Collaborate with Product, UI/UX teams to create compelling user experiences

Must Have:

  • BS degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 5+ years of Django application development, including creating public APIs using the Django REST framework
  • Expert at SQL & NoSQL databases; PostgreSQL, Redis, etc.
  • Solid OO design skills, expertise with design patterns and algorithms
  • Experience building high availability, scalable systems in AWS or Azure  
  • Expert in Git, TDD, and CI/CD  
  • Proficiency in English

Nice to Have:  

  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript  
  • Familiarity with frontend frameworks like React or Angular  

We Offer: 

  • Full-time position with competitive compensation
  • Exposure to working with Fortune 500 companies
  • A team culture that values diverse backgrounds & individual accountability
  • A stimulating work environment and a really big mission