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Powerful skills so your teams think, communicate and collaborate to bring innovative solutions to market fast. Develop curiosity, creativity, imagination and storytelling to sell ideas, change, innovate and communicate purpose.

Don’t tell your team to be agile. Train them.

Don’t let business opportunities slip because your team is not prepared. Train your organization in an agile mindset.

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It’s more than a course.
It’s a mindset.

FORWARD is different because it is not meant only for leadership, project management, or IT teams. From the boardroom to the frontline, it teaches a mindset to transform your entire organization.

Challenge accepted. Your teams will learn how to:

Cultivate Innovation & Creativity

Help employees see change as an opportunity to innovate and integrate play to stimulate creativity.

the power of Failure

Experiment and use the insights from mistakes as input to thrive.

Win hearts & minds with Storytelling

Tools to master story telling to inspire your audience towards action.

Use Curiosity as a competitive advantage

Learn to ask the right questions to bring business value.

Navigate Speed & Velocity

Navigate roadblocks quickly, and learn to make fast, but not hasty decisions.

Leverage Initiative

Encourage ownership and move beyond the idea stage.


Fully managed cohorts.
Certified course

minutes per week
Live Session
Week 1
Mindset & Curiosity
Weeks 2 & 3
Culture, Creativity & Innovation
Week 4
Communication, Collaboration, Execution
Live Session

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