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We train critical soft skills at scale to help enterprises get ready for the future of work.
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Training agility as a mindset focusing on traits such as curiosity, creativity, imagination, and storytelling to sell ideas, change, innovate and communicate purpose.
GBS has proven effective at developing behaviors across teams globally, at scale.
Anuradha Khosla
VP, Talent Development, HCL Technologies
Net Promoter Score
vs an industry average of -25%
Completion Rate
vs an industry average of less than 10%
Skills Gain
across experience levels of 1-15 years’
Relevant-to-Job Rating
score out of 10 across 50 countries

Powering your organization’s growth

Digitalisation and the new world of work are transforming every business and bringing an urgency to train employees, at scale, in new skills and behaviours.

We train all the skills and behaviours that result in teams that are agile, communicate effectively, collaborate, think critically, influence and innovate.

We help you build a culture of high performance across your workforce.

Transforming Mindsets

A unique approach

Our 100% online learning platform has 4 fundamental differences that work in concert to drive amazing results:

Cohort experience
Team-based rollouts for unbeatable collaborative learning and high completion rates and ROI.
Science of learning
Based on proven cognitive scientific research that makes learning stick.
Learning content
Cinematic scenarios, real-life simulations that hook and engage.
Data-driven skills coaching
Personalised learning feedback for each learner & enterprise insights for talent strategies.





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….makes us THINK before we respond to questions, every concept is explained through videos - unique aspects which definitely help us remember the content better and implement what we have learnt during our real-life scenarios!
Srividya A
Snr Dev Manager, SAP Labs
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