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We help enterprises train their workforces in the hard-to-teach behaviours, skills, and mindsets needed for the new World of Work. We do this through a proven solution that’s increasing behavioural skills by over 60%.

Our 100% digital solution is loved by learners who give us a Net Promoter Score of +74, compared to an average of -25 for existing corporate learning.
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Our story

Hardskills is led by 3 co-founders who’ve been a team for 20 years, bringing innovative, technology-led solutions to the world’s most successful brands including Google, Facebook, Samsung, Singapore Airlines, Tata, adidas and more. Our previous businesses were at the intersection of the media, technology and marketing industries.

As outsiders to the incumbent education industry, we bring fresh, original thinking in solving one of the biggest challenges of our time; how people are trained in the behaviours, skills and mindsets for the 21st century.

The world is awash with access to online learning content. The real problem to solve is the efficacy of online learning in delivering growth mindsets and behaviour change so individuals, and the businesses they work for, can thrive. We solve this efficacy problem.

Our twin operating hubs of Singapore & Berlin give us tremendous strategic and operational benefits to scale our global ambition. Investors backing our mission include angels in the U.S., Europe and Asia as well as Wavemaker.vc, a seed fund within the Draper Venture Network.
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Clients have deployed Hardskills’ online workforce development solution across nearly 50 countries, with high efficacy across all markets.
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I have gone through many training programs. This had everything we needed. The work culture has changed.
Deputy General Manager
Telecom Industry