Companies today are tackling multiple challenges, not least the unprecedented change led by AI. This has prompted C-suite executives to re-evaluate their people strategies. They now understand and agree that soft skills/human skills are critical for managing the complexities of modern business, driving innovation, leading teams effectively, and maintaining a competitive edge.

To quote Satya Nadella “Soft skills will remain essential in an AI-driven world. It’s our soft skills that allow us to navigate complexity, collaborate effectively, and bring human intuition and empathy to the table.” This sentiment echoes globally as leaders seek data-driven and accountable methods to cultivate these competencies amidst ceaseless change.

Yet, a crucial disconnect persists. This growing awareness contrasts sharply with the efficacy of existing training programs.

The corporate learning market is saturated with training offerings that Harvard Business Review describes as interventions of "Quickly Forgotten Information" because they do not take account of the proven science of adult learning which is that content on its own will not deliver learning that sticks. This results in a prevailing focus on superficial metrics such as the number of hours of learning provided, the thousands of courses on offer to employees, and the number of learning hours consumed. These metrics fail to measure the Stickiness of learning or whether there’s been any real translation of learning to an employee’s execution and behaviour! ACCESS TO CONTENT does not equal LEARNING.

The ineffectiveness of most soft skills programs stems from a disconnect with adult learning principles and the core science of learning. For skills to become second nature, they must be etched into long-term memory through structured, paced learning and interactive experiences, which is mostly missing in traditional content-led workshops and live training interventions that seek to cram concepts in 3-6 hour long sessions.

There are no shortcuts to overcome this challenge. At HARDSKILLS, we are tackling this head-on, pioneering intentional, scalable, and data-driven training that translates to real business outcomes. We're not just filling a quota; we're crafting learning experiences that STICK.

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