There is too little talk in the L&D industry about the Science of Learning.

There is a lot of noise about the need for Agile mindsets, to be Focused, Collaborative, and to Think Critically, etc. All especially important now. But these behaviours cannot just be switched on by corporate decree. Sending a workforce to self-choose learning materials from an aggregation portal will not do it nor will micro competency-based interventions.

All proven science on how adults learn, and change behaviours is clear - long term memory needs to be cognitively engaged in repeated ways over time. Science tells us this requires a structured learning framework and approach. It requires developing multiple skills methodically that collectively change adult mindsets. All professions, whether - Law, Medicine or Soldiering are based on developing expertise in this way.

To effectively train the behaviours of business needed for high-performance in today’s world of work is no different. At HARDSKILLS, we follow a science-backed pedagogy that is delivering transformative, Measurable Outcomes. 100% Online.