As 2022 heads into the final stretch, it’s good to take a hard look at the ROI and efficacy of learning initiatives and ask “what can be done better to truly transform a workforce with the new behaviours and mindsets needed today?”

Enterprise subscriptions to massive content libraries such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and Skillsoft have exposed an ugly truth – when it comes to developing soft skills, most find that fewer than 15% of all employees who start a course on content aggregators and online libraries complete the learning.

Why turn a blind eye to such abysmal ROI? You wouldn’t accept attendance and completion of in-person live training of less than 15%, so why is this okay for online learning?

Truth is, getting 100% of your employees to complete behavioural training online is a herculean task. Analysis Hardskills did with several clients shows that it takes 60 hours of a Learning & Development professional’s time to successfully get 100 employees to complete 20 hours of learning.

We built our training-as-a-service model to solve for this and deliver 100% completion rates and skills gain of 60% so clients get incredible ROI for soft skills development online.

What our Training-as-a-Service model helps you achieve:

1) Get employees to slow down, reflect and prioritise training of the hot-in-demand behavioural skills that result in high performance. Skills such as how to think critically, be focused, be able to influence, and sell ideas – traits that also boost confidence and enable learners to grow professionally.   

2) Cut through the content clutter & overload by using our integrated learning journeys that weave together the best and most relevant material needed to drive capabilities for the new world of work.

3) Rely on Hardskills to drive all aspects of cohort management of learners from enrollment, regular reminders and check-ins through to ensuring course completion. By removing logistics friction for under-resourced, overstretched HR teams that don’t have bandwidth to get employees across the training finish line, we free up time and brain space for strategic projects that move the enterprise forward.

4) Leverage Hardskills’ experienced facilitators who lead live webinars between our e-learning modules to create live collaborative opportunities where teams learn together.

5) Gain valuable insight from a robust measurement framework that goes beyond vanity metrics of how many hours of learning were delivered and instead, tracks and measures how skills have strengthened, what gaps remain, and enables a data-driven approach to strategically skill your workforce.

6) Strengthen internal career development and coaching initiatives by using the detailed insights and recommendations in the personalised learning feedback report we give every learner who completes our training - unmatched in the corporate learning industry!

7) Provide co-branded digital badging and certification of must-have skills and increase employee value proposition, retention and motivate learning. 

By taking on this heavy lifting and partnering with clients strategically to execute learning that matters, Hardskills' training-as-a-service delivery achieves 90%-100% completion rates, across clients and industries. This should be the benchmark online training solutions are measured against!

See how one of our clients, SAP, has consistently hit amazing completion rates for 2 years with Hardskills, without HR teams getting bogged down with day-to-day management.

The outcomes are spectacular!

Client Spotlight: SAP

Relying on Hardskills Customer Experience team and proprietary cohort-based learning rollouts, SAP Labs and the SAP Academy for Customer Success leverage our turnkey solution that executes the entire learning journey from content to analytics.

SAP Labs uses the Global Business Skills (GBS) course to train a common language for day-to-day high-performance skills such as curiosity, collaboration, open and direct communication, focus, effective prioritisation and more – all embodied in SAP’s ‘How we Run’ values.

"Hardskills' unique cohort-based delivery model that encourages self-awareness, critical thinking, time management and other essentials required for professional development keeps our talent motivated to complete their training programmes within designated time periods, thereby driving significant business impact for the organization."

Mohammed Anzy S, COO, SAP Labs India

SAP’s Academy for Customer Success integrates the Hardskills Global Business Skills course into its successful one-year training presales programme that trains SAP solutions & technology knowledge; important industry trends and business acumen.

"Product knowledge and selling techniques are a must for our associates. But they also need to build strong human connections and relationships that are increasingly virtual, think critically in real time when meeting with customers, be skilled at communicating benefits and not just features of our great solutions and uncover customer problems fast. We found these skills are covered well by Hardskills, and that their digital learning solution scaled across our globally distributed and diverse cohorts."

Doug Robertson, VP, SAP Academy for Customer Success, Presales Program

And the results for SAP using our training-as-a-service model:

  • Hardskills' Netflix-style binge-worthy content pushed learning up on employee agendas and made it exciting, relatable and relevant. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for SAP  is 73 versus an online corporate learning industry average of -25!
  • Amazing ROI from an overall Cohort course completion rate of 96% with several  Cohorts hitting the perfect 100% completion.
  • Plug & play from the ready-to-use Hardskills products portfolio that scores 9.2 out of 10 by SAP learners for relevance to their jobs.
  • Saved valuable hours of training administration that’s instead been diverted to strategic projects while Hardskills took care of learner enrollment, in-course communication and engagement in our all-inclusive offering!

We’ve meticulously built a Cohort Management platform that delivers strong efficacy and results through our training-as-a-service model. Cohorts learn high-impact skills in the flow of work. HR teams save time, effort and money. Organisations set employees & themselves up for success.

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