We’ve always thought the term “soft skills” was a misnomer given how important these skills really are. Now more than ever!

The ability to Actively Listen in virtual meetings, without the cues from body language or eye contact. To Focus and minimize distractions so important work can get done. To Plan so you can be Agile. To be able to use Time more Effectively than ever before. And, to be Self-Aware to understand how to Balance.

These skills and the behaviors they enable are really quite Hard for many in the best of times, and more so in unpredictable, fast changing times with few guide posts.

We realized enabling these Behavioural Skills was the big challenge for enterprises. And, that competency-based interventions of training just one component skill such as Collaboration made no sense if the interrelated skills of Communication and Self-Awareness and the context for how they work together weren’t also tackled.

We set out to build a strategic learning experience that delivered the most important, interrelated Behavioural Building Blocks for High-Performance, valid across all levels in a team.

Indeed, the most common reaction we get to our training, now rolled out in over 30 countries for big names like HCL is that it's "eye opening."